Reconstructive Surgery

If you have undergone some sort of trauma to the body and require reconstructive surgery, Provo plastic surgeon Dr. James Clayton possesses the skills and compassion to perform your surgery and aid you on the road to rebuilding.

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Clayton offers multiple breast reconstruction surgery techniques, ranging from implant-based to flap-based, to rebuild your breasts.

Cleft Lip and Palate

Children who suffer from a cleft lip and palate and may struggle with related communication problems, can undergo cleft lip and palate repair surgery to correct the issue.

Hand Surgery

Dr. Clayton performs hand surgery procedures to restore mobility and an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your hands.

Skin Cancer

Several forms of skin cancer can be treated and removed by Dr. Clayton utilizing advanced reconstructive techniques.

Tissue Expansion

Before continuing with some forms of reconstructive surgery, you may undergo tissue expansion, a process in which your skin is gradually stretched in order to produce the excess skin necessary for your surgery.

Scar Revision

If you have a scar from a previous trauma, scar revision procedures performed by Dr. Clayton will greatly reduce the appearance of them as well as likely improve mobility-related issues for some scars.

Wound Care

Dr. Clayton employs advanced reconstructive techniques to treat and care for wounds and similar traumas to the skin.

General Reconstruction

In addition to the procedures above, Dr. Clayton offers other reconstructive surgeries to correct trauma or deformities in an effort to improve your quality of life and self-image.

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