Facial Surgery

If you struggle with the signs of aging on your face, or are dissatisfied with the projection of your facial features, Dr. James Clayton performs many facial surgeries to help you reach your cosmetic goals.

Brow Lift

To correct a brow that is asymmetrical or is drooping with age, you may undergo a brow lift, a surgical procedure that can restore youth to your mid and upper-face.

Chin Surgery

Chin surgery may increase or reduce the projection of your chin, may be performed to bring harmony to your appearance.

Ear Pinning Surgery

Children and adults alike who struggle with the appearance of protruding ears, as well as the stress that may accompany them, can undergo ear pinning surgery to reshape and reduce the size of the ears.

Eyelid Surgery

You may elect to undergo an eyelid surgery to either reduce puffiness or remove excess skin around the eyes that may be making you appear older and more tired than you really are.


If you experience sagging jowls on your lower face, a facelift surgery will combine skin and tissue tightening techniques to reveal a younger looking you.

Facial Implants

For a variety of facial features, facial implants can be used to increase projection and bring harmony and symmetry to the face.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting procedures involve utilizing fat from a donor site on your body and injecting it into a recipient site on your face to correct deep lines and wrinkles.

Nose Surgery

To correct a nose that is out of proportion with the face, Dr. Clayton can perform a nose surgery that will reshape your nose and may alter the bone, cartilage and skin to achieve a beautiful result.

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